January update



Hello friends, fellow grain enjoyers and expressionists!

It's time for a production update so you know where things are and what the forecast is so let's get right to it. I know this is going to be an exciting year!

1st batch shipping

Things started slower than we would have liked, but by now the whole assembly process is pretty streamlined and methodical. Things are on track to ship all remaining 1st batch units this month.

To bring down the waiting time as much as possible, all units are being shipped in tracked international priority mode: normally this takes around 2-3 business days for US and Canada, and European destinations in 3-4 days. It is not uncommon for a Tempera shipped out on a Tuesday local time to arrive in Canada on Thursday local time. You will receive an email notification when the final assembly and testing begins followed by a tracking link a couple of days after.


2nd batch forecast

We'll be smoothly transitioning into the 2nd batch at beginning of February. We hoped to have a small break between the batches, but oh well :)


Demos and media

If you already received your Tempera, here's a demo and walkthrough by Red Means Recording to get you started. Jeremy has been kind to create many sounds and canvases which are built in, including all the canvases in the video and many more.

Watch the Demo and Walkthrough by Red Means Recording


We've had questions about live sampling and recording audio into Tempera, here's a small demo showing a way to do it. In this particular example, the acoustic guitar was captured with a condenser microphone into an audio interface, routed into Tempera's line-in input, but Tempera can also sample an instrument directly when switched to instrument-level input.

Creating a custom canvas by sampling an acoustic guitar


Apart from the popular grain-sequencing, here's a short demo showing modulation of X and Y position of emitter by aftertouch and modwheel. This is a more traditional granular functionality, though of course in case of Tempera, it is possible to scrub across 8 samples.


It's wonderful seeing people who received their unit started exploring and creating their custom canvases. Here's a shoutout to Subradial all the way from Scotland, who shares his journey with Tempera and has been kind to report a few bugs.

Enjoy an ambient performance by Subradial


Firmware update

Since Tempera is getting some fieldplay in various environments, there has been a few more and less serious bug reports, and a firmware update v1.4. Units shipped in January are already on this firmware.

I strongly recommend performing the firmware upgrade, here's some things being fixed:

Here's how to do the firmware upgrade:

  1. Download the firmware file from here
  2. Place the downloaded file onto a FAT32 formatted USB flashdrive or SD card
  3. Insert the flashdrive/sdcard into Tempera and turn the device on while holding the Round Button
  4. Follow instructions on the displays

There will probably be a few more of these polishing firmware updates before any bigger ones feature-wise will come.

Please also have a read of the updated Tempera handbook that clears up a few things (including loading media from external storage).

Read the Tempera Quickstart Guide

That is all for now, thank you again for the support and patience. If you received your unit already come say hi and show your paintings on our Discord server :)

On behalf of Beetlecrab crew,
Andre Sklenar